My baby girl love the monkey blankie a lot, she carry it day and night and now become her companion and toy. Thanks and love it much!
Jason - Product Purchased - BabyBuds Blankie Buddy - Monkey

I feel assured knowing that bub is safe playing with her toys and it is ok for her to put them into her mouth when she is teething :)
YC - Product Purchased - BabyBuds Teether Buddy - Owl

A wonderful toy for 3 to 5 months old! As a 'kiasi' mummy, safety ranked no. 1. The material is soft, does not fray or pill after multiple washers. Although the label states only to surface clean, I like it that it is hardy enough that when it is placed in a netted laundry bag (for delicates), it withstood machine washing. Having the material made from organic material is a bonus. Knowing that no harmful chemicals are used to make the rattle assures me the quality of the product especially when my little bub mouths and chews on them all the time due to teething and exploration. The eyes of the elephant are chew-safe as they are embroidered unlike some toys which are plastic beaded. I personally like the earthy colour tones although some bring colours would be great to attract younger infants. The beads of the rattle are audible enough to attract my baby boy but not obnoxiously loud nor too quiet to me. The ergonomically sized ring fits little hands well which are learning to grasp items in fist-like manner. My little bub enjoys chewing on the trunk, the dumbo ears and the knotted tail. Not forgetting the knobby legs and the wash label too! The rattle is very well made and is one of my boy's favorite chewy toys.
ZL - Product Purchased - BabyBuds Ring Rattle Buddy - Elephant

These lil' monkey is my son's best buddy. The material is soft & cuddly and it is also machine washable safe although it says only surface wash. I love the fact that it is easy to wash as it is important to always have a clean toy for my son. It is also easy to dry, just leave it hanging in hot sun for a day and ta-da my boy does not have to miss a night without monkey.

Jennifer - Product Purchased - BabyBuds Plush Buddy - Monkey

My baby love it! eco-friendly for my baby and environment!
Azah - Product Purchased - BabyBuds Teether Buddy - Owl